AHP Day 2021 - Recognising the vital role of Allied Health Professionals within the NHS




A warm welcome Kirsty! 

Kirsty Fielding is the Head of Operations for Allied Health Professionals at NHS Professionals. She brings with her a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the Allied Health Profession through her extensive work as a clinical physiotherapist and senior operational AHP leadership.

Kirsty is passionate about highlighting how vital AHP’s are to both NHSP and the wider NHS and is committed to improving their member experiences with us.



“As a physiotherapist, I have enjoyed a full and varied career to date. Firstly, specialising in Paediatric Orthopaedics and Neurology, and then moving to Operations Management in Rehabilitation facilities across the UK and Middle East.  I understand the need to feel satisfied and fulfilled at work, to have the space and freedom to develop as a practitioner, but also the need to access support and training opportunities.

The introduction of my role is a significant expansion within the AHP business unit and signifies NHSP’s commitment to growing the AHP voice within the organisation and with our stakeholders.  As Head of Operations for AHP, I am committed to improving our applicant journey, Bank Member experience and in life care services.

NHS Professionals create flexible, but exciting work experiences that offers career progression and skill and knowledge building for all our Bank members.  We are dedicated to giving you maximum opportunity to continue your career journey with us.”

AHP’s are integral to our NHS and this AHP day we celebrate your contribution to supporting patient care.  We thank you for your continued dedication to your NHS.”


Join me on the 18th November where I will be hosting a webinar to discuss multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary care teams in rehabilitation and goal based therapy programmes. You can register your attendance here.